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Classes and Tutoring for Children

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Would your child love to:

  • breeze through homework?
  • achieve more and struggle less in school?
  • advance academically multiple grade levels?

If Yes, then the Get Smart Now program is exactly what you are looking for! With more than 40 years of classroom experience, our teachers will help your children learn to learn.

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Follow the Stepping Stones to better reading, better comprehension, and better writing.

First Step: Reading Fluency

Stepping Stones:

  • Phono-Graphix®
  • Reading Therapy Program
  • 1:1 Tutoring
  • After passing the Reading Fluency assessment, your child is ready to take the Total Reading Comprehension and Total Writing courses.

Next Step: Total Reading Comprehension

Stepping Stones:

  • Recommended to be taken concurrently with Total Writing
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Understanding Context
  • Literal & Figurative Language
  • Exposure to Great Works of Literature
  • Maximum Class Size: 6

Next Step: Total Writing Skills

Stepping Stones:

  • Recommended to be taken concurrently with Total Reading Comprehension
  • Language Arts - Basic Mechanics
  • Grammar - Rules of Writing Construction
  • Advanced Writing Structures
  • Advanced Stylistic Techniques
  • Advanced Formulas for Stories, Essays, & Reports
  • Maximum Class Size: 6

How to Enroll

Call or email to begin the enrollment process. This is an inquiry only and not a confirmed enrollment.

Phone number: (408) 634-3535

Email Address:

Classes are offered in San Jose.

In your message, please disclose:

  • your name & contact info.
  • names and grade levels of your children.
  • brief description of your children's needs.
  • best time to call you.

About the Founder

Holly Basseri is a credentialed teacher, educator, and reading specialist with more than 25 years of classroom teaching experience. After that, she bought a small private school and implemented a new curriculum that succeeded in helping kids accelerate their learning. For the last 15 years, she has focused on homeschooling and tutoring kids in a smaller setting. The tutoring business has grown with the addition of small reading, writing, and comprehension classes.

"I taught my first 'lesson' to my sister's teddy bears when I was two years old, and I've been teaching ever since."


From Diagnosed ADHD to "She's Fine"

My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and I was instructed to have her attend public school for her needs verses the private school she was in during her first two years of schooling. As a mother, I was worried she would struggle to keep up with her peers and it would affect her personality. To avoid medications, I enrolled her in her brother's school (who also has the same diagnosis but was already in public school). Then we met Mrs. Basseri and I started having them both attend her classes. After just 3 months of working with her, my daughter was tested by the school district and she is no longer diagnosed with ADHD. In addition, my son who hated reading now loves it. I'm very proud of my kids but even happier that Mrs. Basseri has the patience, knowledge and acumen to help my children. I recommend her to everyone.


From Student to Teacher

Holly is talented at simplifying concepts in a way that's easy for students to understand. She is exceptionally skilled at adapting her lessons to their needs. She was my private school teacher and has inspired me to follow in her footsteps so that I can help people in the same way.